Another waterfall that has come to the attention of tourists for its unique formation, Pahanthuda Waterfall is one of the most visited attractions in Sri Lanka. The waterfall is only 2 KM from Belihuloya and 19 KM from Balangoda. The source of the waterfall is the Hawagala, which is a mountain range, and Samanala Wewa Reservoir is the plunge pool. You can visit the waterfall at any time you like, but rainy days aren’t ideal as the path gets a little slippery, not to mention the leeches that infest the area when there’s heavy rain. The trail leading to the waterfall is a moderately difficult hike that’s best suited to experienced hikers. The pathway runs through a forest patch with a rich ecosystem, so you’ll have many wildlife encounters. The floral and faunal diversity here is incredible, and the place is popular with photographers and nature lovers. Taking a dip in the pool is out of the question as the water level is quite unpredictable.