A location of rich bio-diversity, Horton Plains is a scenic plateau with frequent wildlife encounters. The main attraction here is the World’s End, the steep fall that intrigues and invites tourists for sprawling views of the area. It’s a three-hour hike to get to the World’s End; it would be quite fatiguing if it wasn’t for the verdant greenery and wild animals that roam around. Getting here in the morning is important if you don’t want your trip to be bogged down by the mist; the best time to visit is from 6 am to 10 am – once the mist roll in, it will be hard to see anything clearly. The rainy season, from April to September, is best avoided too. Weekends and public holidays aren’t the best time if you don’t like crowds. There will be guides offering to help you find your way, but not all of them are trustworthy, so be careful, especially if you are a female tourist. Get yourself good hiking shoes, sunglasses, and a hat – although it is a little chilly here, you might want to slather your skin with sunscreen.